WOW. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. TREMENDOUS FUN. Just some of the comments made by participants in  the third Northampton Rotary Swimarathon. Held  at the Chris Moody Centre Sports centre the 2019 Swimarathon built on the success of previous year’s events and  with the help of our sponsors( see the business sponsor page) and Rotarians from the four Northampton clubs .  And 2020 looks set to be even better,with more teams and more fun and will again be held at the  the Chris Moody centre.


The  teams from local businesses, schools,scouts, and Guides had great fun, some being more competitive than others in seeing how many lengths they could achieve in the time set.

The youngest swimmer was well under 10 years old and the oldest; well it  would be impolite wouldn’t it but see the gallery and take and educated guess.

Well done to all sponsors and swimmers. We are pleased you had such a great time on the day and thank you for collecting your  sponsorship monies.  If unsure who to contact regarding nominating your charity or organisation to receive a grant please email :

For more photographs please see the gallery page or Chronicle and Echo

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